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    Upgrade to Stronger clutch / slipper to withstand brushless power

    A tip for those who are always tearing up the stock slipper pads.

    Use of the Hot racing double up slipper system allows for twice the clutch pad surface and greater power transfer.;c=431

    And with the right pads the system would also last a lot longer.

    Hot racing double up slipper assembly with 6 traxxas aluminum pads (part TRX #5352r)

    Hot racing double up slipper assembly using old style tmaxx brake pad #4964 (instead of standard clutch pads)

    Another idea would be to put the tmaxx brake pad directly on the stock clutch setup (may have to tweak the holes to get it to fit)

    These ideas come from


    From the emaxx brushless boards!
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    That's all I use is the double slipper clutch I love it

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    Hot racing also has this one with a full clutch pad like the T Maxx brake disc. I used it on Overkill until the spur gear bearing fell apart destroying it.


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