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    Tapping Power from 1 Lipo to a Spektrum Rx?

    My Summit is running on 2 of the Traxxas 25c 7600 MAH Lipos.

    On the "body" I have a Spektrum Rx that connects to 4 servos and is currently using its own battery.

    I would like to only use the 2 chassis batteries if possible.

    Can I just tap power from one of the batteries on the chassis and feed it to the Spektrum Rx?

    It would also be powering a Kumba Cam Video Tx and eventually a GoPro once the GoPro battery eliminator comes in.

    The total draw of all of the components on the body is 7.4A max.

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    Get a BEC dude and solder it to the battery connector of the esc. This will provide constant voltage to your electrical components.
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