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    Parallel board Charging lipos

    Happy Labor Day All.
    In my attempts to speed up charging my lipos, I recently bought a parallel charging board. I have a set of SPC 40C lipos and a set of 50C lipos and I'm wondering if I can charge all 4 at the same time with the charging board. All 4 are 5000 mAh 7.4V.
    Whether I can charge all 4 or not, what is the proper amp setting for the charger?

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    how many amps is your charger?
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    At 1c should be 5amps, you have to consider different factors, like at capacity of the charger and what's the max rate of charging of those lipos, every manufacturer have different rating.

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    but wouldn't that be 5 amps per battery?i charge my 4 spc 8200 mah batteries at 20 amps since that's the max my charger will go.if i had the 310b i would charge them at 30 and still be under the 1c rating.

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