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    After a little more than a month in my new how, I finally have my shop to the point where I can start working in it!!!

    The workbench on the right is for clean work, and the bench on the left is for the dirty work. On the black set of shelves I have most of my trucks, batteries and chargers (soon to be replaced by a Hitec X4 AC/DC charger).

    The RCs in my stable:
    Top Row:
    AX10 Based Scaler and a XR10 with custom chassis
    Middle Row:
    Slash 4x4 with a roll cage for my GoPro and a Slash 2WD outfitted with a Proline chassis and suspension kit.
    Bottom Row:
    AE B4 and my E-MAXX (the truck that got me started in all this 10 years ago)
    On the car Stand:
    My Rustler based (soon to be LCG /BaskSlash) snow RC.

    I still have some organizing to do...
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    Hibernating in my basement, trying to see just how many RC projects i can work on at one time!!
    I posted on this thread a long time ago showing my space in my old house. We've been in our new place for awhile, but with no work tonight, I was cleaning things up a bit in my basement RC Lab. My pics are a bit broken up because I can't get a good wide shot with my Ipod. Still a bit more cluttered than I'd like, but it's getting there.

    My spot where I do most of the wrenching.

    Gotta have some entertainment and also a cold beverage from time to time....

    A few of my RC's and parts storage.

    A few of my used bodies up and out of the way.

    The other side of my basement. Household tools and secondary workbench.

    The storage room behind the second bench. One shelf is just for the micro crawlers.

    Nice to have a slop sink and storage for my future model builds.

    Nice rolling table that serves as a guest rc workbench.

    My Ohio State shrine and private lavatory. I have a shelf with about a hundred rc mags to choose from. Nice to not have to run upstairs when nature calls. My wife likes me having my own "space."

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    I am glad that I clicked into the off topic area because I almost just made the same thread.

    This is my normal workspace. I live in a single room apartment with my fiance so space is limited. She doesn't mind me taking over this area as long as I pick up when I am done. I actually like working on the coffee table because for some weird reason I like sitting on the floor. I always keep my laptop handy to tune the ESC. You may also notice a stack of magazines which I read through and add either parts I would like as a wish list or parts I need. I also write down ideas of what I want to do. I also have two special helpers who love hanging out when I work on the cars. The hound is mine, and the other is her cousin who we watch frequently.

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    I just redid my space this past week.

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    Here is where I do most all my work.

    I do 99% of my tinkering sitting on my... well you know
    It's nice to have a PC close for info like specs, exploded views etc.

    My Paint Booth

    I sometimes set my RC stuff on the bar, enjoying a cold one, thinking...
    "What should I upgrade next"

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    here is my clean workshop and my dirty truck and sorry for the small pics

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    Seen this thread awhile ago and forgot were I seen it found it and now I'm posting
    First overall view

    I just started getting it all together because I used to keep it in the living room and girlfriend didn't like it. But I got a good start need some more shells and a place fore chargers and batteries
    My hpi mt2 with some of my bodies, controllers, tires and my two tool boxes

    My rack for my two electric rustlers

    Some random bodies I have only thing missing out here is my tmaxx, it didn't make the pics as its still in the old work space with the tranny pulled apart :"(

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    My hand-built labor of love with a good sound system. Bench can hold a crap ton of weight.
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    Well, here is mine... Pretty simple but i like it!
    Lipo charger, boxes of spares and screws etc...

    My trucks

    Here i repair them...

    And then i have this to my right! Sony tv, PS3, some model cars and my macbook pro connected to tv.

    Tool box with spares and random stuff

    And thats pretty much it!
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    I have updated my workspace. Now I have a larger surface area to work with, along with more storage space.

    Main overview:

    The two desk-drawers:

    The bins up above:

    Transmitters next to the bins:

    Main work surface. Parts wall and soldering iron now fit in!

    And finally, the bins off to the side. The drawer below the lexan bodies has secret prototypes in it.

    I love this new station. I have a light that I'm using to light these photos that I use to light the work station. How may times can I say "light" in one sentence?
    And there he goes with the carbon...

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    This is my work space. with cold A/C

    This is where the rest of it is.

    My RC Cycle:
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