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    gearing and slipper clutch Question

    Ok, so I stripped out my spur gear (54tooth) and 16 pinion. So all I had to replace it was a 68 tooth and I wanted to slow the e revo down a bit so that was fine with me. I'm currently running 68/16 and I'm ok with the speed, here is my question: is it the change in gearing what is causing my slipper clutch to slip? Until now I never had a issue with the slipper now I can't get it to NOT slip.One time it was smoking and I'm wondering if I glazed the pads and that is why it is slipping? I have it as tight as I can get it, still slips.I did buy the heavy duty slipper Traxxas makes I will install that if I need to but I'd like to continue to use my current clutch if someone can help me out.

    thanks for any advice in advance.

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    you could always try out the old way to remove glazed pads works on car brake pads. find some smooth concrete and rub the pads in a figure 8 pattern to remove the glazing

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    what about flipping the pads over?

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    that should work too. concrete is the best way to remove the top layer from glazed pads been doing it for years on car brake pads

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    flip the pad and the slipper disk and break in the slipper again.

    What cell count are you running? If you are running 6s and 68/16 gearing that is way to low of gearing. 4s or 6s 18/54 is a good start for gearing

    Slipper Clutch Break-In
    The E-Revo Brushless Edition’s slipper clutch requires a break-in procedure
    to ensure consistent operation with the extremely high power output of
    the included Castle Creations Mamba Monster brushless motor system. The
    slipper clutch has been adjusted to the correct initial setting for break-in.
    Follow these steps to ensure maximum performance and life from your
    slipper clutch:
    1. Make your first runs with the model using the stock gearing and 6- or
    7-cell NiMH packs, or 2S LiPo packs.
    2. Drive normally. The slipper clutch should slip momentarily when
    accelerating aggressively on high-traction surfaces (you will hear a
    whirring sound when the slipper clutch allows the spur gear to slip).
    3. If excessive slippage is noticed (slipping that lasts for more than 3
    seconds under hard acceleration), or the slipper clutch slips anytime
    the throttle is applied at any lever, stop driving immediately. Let the
    slipper clutch cool for 10-15 minutes. When the clutch is cool, test-drive
    the vehicle again. If you still experience excessive slippage, allow the
    slipper to cool once more, then tighten the slipper nut turn (turn the
    nut clockwise) and repeat the break-in process. Do not adjust the slipper
    clutch before it has cooled.
    4. Continue to run the vehicle and monitor slipper clutch performance as
    noted above, and readjust if necessary. When the run is complete, the
    slipper should be fully broken in.
    After break-in, the slipper clutch is ready for any type of driving, with any
    batteries up to 6S Lipo. Set the slipper clutch so it only slips for a moment
    (if at all) under hard acceleration in high-traction conditions. If excessive
    slippage is noticed, stop driving immediately. Continuing to drive with a
    loose slipper will cause damage to the slipper unit. You must let the slipper
    cool down to ambient temperature before tightening the slipper nut and
    resuming driving.
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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