Just got the 25t pinion for my 2 speed transmission, now for some speed, I thought.
it was actually running pretty well previously with 21/62 setup, shifting nicely on the fly. but after swapping over, about 10 min in, it just started making this horrible noise, and came to a stop.
2nd gear is toast, wont go anywhere, and it wont ever shift back into 1st. Haven't taken it apart, but I'm pretty sure I know exactly what I'll find in there.
My question here is, what am I doing wrong? The tranny is supposed to shift on the fly with the close ratio setup, what is it I'm doing that's killing the gears?
When I was running, I would start in 1st, get up to speed,flick the switch over to the second position, let off the gas for a second, and then hit it again. the moment off the throttle was all that was needed to allow it to switch over, seemed to be working fine.
any advice or thoughts would be appreciated, I really don't want to make a habit of rebuilding my bloody tranny every few runs