I just got the Summit I bought last week. (had to wait 'cause wanted Red.)

I got it out to test and see if it all worked, I found it was stuck in low gear.
At the time I only shifted while at a stand still.

I turned it off, a few hours later at home, I check out the shift from the servo. The servo is shifting, the spring is putting tension on the shift shaft.
I can manually move the shift shaft, and noticed that in both low and high gear, it sticks and stays in either one.

So to clarify, it binds in low gear, and it also binds in high gear. The servo does move, and places tension on the spring. When I manually move it, it does go into high gear, and the same when I manually move to shift to low gear.

After working it back and forth a few times, it still binds. Shifting while at slow speed still sticks.

The spring appears to be to small ? or maybe something isn't smoothed out on one of the shafts? Reading the troubleshooting for similar problems, says to replace the gears that are stripped and and shift arm. Well its brand new, and no stripped gears. Got any tips, hints?

There is lube on the shaft where it meets the tranny.

Would it be specific to part 3985X, or the shift shaft 3989X? OR do I just need to rip into it and see whats binding?

I see in the diagrams if 3969 was out of tolerance, it would keep 3985X from moving freely also.