Well we were cleaning the house on Saturday when I stopped for a moment and pulled up the Traxxas home page and watched the videos again. My wife wathced them this time with me and asked which one I liked better. I told her the Summit because of everthing that it can do out of the box. So she says that I can buy it at tax time with part of the tax return. YES!!! As well as two good batteries to go with it. YES!!! again. So i am getting the blue one unless the come out with another color before then. I am soooooo excited. Now the question is do I sell some of my too wheel drive nitro's to make way for this? Or do I keep them for my boys since they have electrics. One has a E-Stampede the other two have E- Rustlers. I really want to keep them for them but do not really know what to do because it will be a few years before they can drive the nitro's. However I would like to be able to drive the nitro's with them when they get older so I guess it really is not a question. Thanks for helping me figure this out(haha).