I bought a Venom 3000mah 7 cell pack brand new at the LHS two days ago.

Tonight I charged it up and the first run it was alright. I wouldn't say blazing speed.

I have a peak charger BTW.

It started to sprinkle rain so I put the pack on, and went inside to eat.

After I came back out the pack was done, so I slapped it back in the Slash, and BAM! off it went. The rain has stopped, but it was slightly wet out.

This time it has considerably more punch and was blazing fast.

Now, let me say, I run this truck on the street, and through the grass a bit, but I don't bash it. No home made ramps or anything.

So I hit a patch of grass and the Slash rolls 2 or 3 times lands on it's wheels.

I hit the throttle... nothing.

I walk over to the truck... the ESC is off.

I turn it on it goes red for a second... comes back on green.

The truck runs for about 10 seconds shuts off.

This time I put it up on the back of my pickup and take a look... it's a touch wet, but it's from running through wet grass, no biggie right???

This thing is waterproof, no???

Ok, so I put it down again, and basically about every 20-30 seconds it shuts off.

Finally I let it sit for a minute, and then try one more time.

This time it doesn't shut off for at least the 2 minute mark.

It's blazing fast, and I make a U turn in the road, and the left rear wheel comes off flying down the street at me.

I stop it with my foot. I look for the nut, but it's gone. This is about the time I remembered I was going to check and locktite those.


I noticed there were some sparks coming from inside the motor as it was getting dusk.

I did like the book said, and ran this thing in the street for a whole pack to "break in the brushes".

What is happening??? Any ideas??? Motor shot already???

This is like run 4, and the 1st run on a 7 cell, so I can't believe the 7 cell toasted the motor already?!?

Should I call Traxxas???