The Following parts you will need in order to do this swap
*#4628 X2
*#4824A OR 4824 The A is for Grey version "Explain later on in the build."
*#4881 & 2382
Tool you will need are
*Flat head screw driver.
*Phillips head screw driver.

First off heres a photo of the 3.3 Diff part # 4881&2382

First you are going to undo the screws on the bottom 4 total in front
Take off the bumper and then take off the two screws on the shocks off from the top on the Diff housing

Then you want to unscrew the Steering block on one side and the four screws on top. i only unscrewed one side so when the belt was loose i could move it around instead of taking it all apart.

Then you want to remove the two screws holding down the Diff housing.
You are going to see the old setup. u might be able to wiggle it out like i did. but you are not going to be able to put the new one in yet. you will need to Take the Rear apart to get some slack to get it around the belt. but before we do that you will need to know you won't be using the steel yokes anymore you might want to take the time to use part#4628 and convert the steel one to the white plastic yokes. use the tools traxxas has gave to you for removal you will also need to to install to the plastic type.

Alright lets take the Rear apart.
You have a total of 14-15 screws to remove the bottom 5 and the shock tower in back has 4. and you will need to remove the shocks aswell 2 screws and then the 3 on the side rear plates then the 2 on top near the front make sure you take the pinion and motor out.

When you pull it apart it should be like this

this is where part 4824A or just 4824 comes in handy. the Bearing holder plastic isn't big enough on the E-tec because you are using a 5x10 bearing so you need the bearing holder the rest is useless really.
You pop the old one "not pictured with a screw driver and place the new one in

then you set all the belts back up and the shaft put the 3.3 diff in and put the 3.3 diff in the front. BELT over front diff before shaft same for the rear. screw Replace the screws where they go and Walla you have a 3.3 nitro Diff swap.

*** im am waiting on my 4824 part. Grey is for the 3.3 and black is the 2.5/.15 it don't matter what one you get. u are just using the bearing holder the rest is usless throw it away or sell it in MP

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