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Thread: Getting a Revo

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    Getting a Revo

    So I have no idea how to start a thread or make a post or anything, so I will ask you guys here. My grandpa had a Revo 3.3, just like the one in the picture (obviously), and he just gave it to me. Problem is, it's in a million pieces, and I don't know what I'm looking at. I want to learn a bit about how things work, but the manuals are written for someone who already understands this stuff. I love rc cars, and I always have, I just don't know how to build this thing. Is there an easier guide out there, or something I'm not understanding? If so, please reply, and tell me what I need to do. Thanks.

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    Welcome! Made a new thread for you.
    The manual is beginner friendly; review the picture showing the top view of the truck and become familiar with those part names. Find out what model you have and then go to the Support button above and find the exploded view of that truck which shows each part and what it attaches to and the appropriate sized screws to hold them together.
    Where are you located at? There may be someone on the board that lives close to you.
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