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    Jato 3.3 very slow to accelerate

    Hi everyone, first post here and I'm looking for some help.

    My jato is having trouble accelerating from a dead stop. It seems to have all of its power after it gets rolling, but for about 3 seconds after going WOT it barely moves. Sounds like the engine is bogged at that point, and once it gets to almost exactly 3 seconds of WOT, it will accelerate pretty normally (no wheelies at all though even if I let off and punch it again). I've been all of the way up and down the LSN, and it never changes how much it is bogged down. I know it's doing something though, because it does affect the pinch test. I've been all of the way from 8 seconds to shutoff down to 1 second, and it has the same amount of lag before accelerating.

    The jato is 3 years old, 2 gallons of 10% nitro traxxas fuel through it. It was properly broken in, has has regular glow plug changes, and has been cleaned regularly. It has a brand new slipper clutch, brand new MIP clutch, high torque digital waterproof traxxas servos, TQi system (no telemetry, just the receiver and radio), various aluminum parts, a single chamber tuned resonator pipe, steel driveshafts, steel spur gear, etc, etc, etc. Nothing has been done to the engine though.

    Now, I'm sure I'll get an aluminum basher telling me it's because my aluminum is weighing down the car, but I assure you, it isn't. the engine just isn't making power on the low end. I put in a fresh glow plug yesterday morning and opened a still sealed gallon of gas at the same time. It also isn't the slipper clutch or anything in that area, because it isn't like the engine is cranking away and nothing is happening, the engine just isn't making power.

    This is my second jato. The first was broken in and run on 33% gas. It had so much power I didn't know what to do with it all.

    At this point, I would be perfectly happy with "you need a new engine" I just want to know that now before I spend 20 hours tuning this thing. That said, I also don't want to waste the $200 unnecessarily (that's a gallon of 33% fuel plus an engine). I'd also be happy with needing a new carb or a new piston, but at some point, it becomes more worth it just to buy a new engine.

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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    Does the motor still have good compression?

    I would clean the carb and start there.

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    Check throttle servo and make sure it's responding correctly to your transmitter input. Also check transmitter and see if knobs are set to zero. Maybe set back to factory default if necessary. May not be in the engine at all. I recommend the Losi 3.4 carb upgrade as well. This has helped dramatically with overall power and performance and if you decide on a new engine the carb will easily transfer over.
    uh oh.... that didn't sound good

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    I had a similar problem and when I switched to the Losi carb those problems went away. But, it sounds like your engine is flooded so try adjusting your tune.

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