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    Sticky: My Kid Nitro Sport
  2. Yes, I reset all, transmitter, throttle, end...

    Yes, I reset all, transmitter, throttle, end points, and adjust linkage throttle...

    or missing something, or something I'm doing wrong
  3. HELP!! Problem with the trigger transmitter and carburetor

    I have a jato 3.3, buy about a month. my problem and / or question is that lightly touch the transmitter trigger fully opens the carburetor.

    Check the servo, reciver, throttle linkage and work...
  4. Opening carburator should be equal to displacement of the trigger in the transmitter

    I'm new to nitro rc carr, my question is, if the displacement of the trigger must equal the carburator, why minimally touch of the trigger opens the carburator all.

    I tried to adjust throttle rod...
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