I got steering but no GO

  1. made in Bacon
    Hey guys I need help. I brought my slash in after running it and it was fine. It was the next day when I put a fresh battery in it and it would only steer, NO forward or reverse. Could I have blown something white not running it? My ez set button was sticking but is now fixed. It isn't in cutoff mode and shines solid red. I have the TQi transmitter too. I don't know if that matters but was running completely normal. Any suggestions would be awesome. thanks
  2. redpropolis

    I`m havinh the same problem, so, did you get some feedback or way to solve this problems? Please adviseme thanks.

  3. RECON 95
    I actually had a friend buy 2 slashs, 1 new and one used and upgraded to the VXL, which had the same problem. we talked over the phone for about 15 minutes with him fiddling around on the other end with the truck. we finnaly discovered that it was just a loose motor-esc connection. the previous owner had changed from the 12t to the VXL and had not connected the negative completely. simple fix, big headache. it might be a similar conection problem somewhere or a case of bad timing
  4. ford raptor 1
    my motor in my slash goes out all the time. if you dont break in the motor in they will burn out very quickly.
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