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  1. ok, thanks:)
  2. Hey e-revo, I just saw your message about your 1/16 erevo. I have a 1/10 eRevo, but it breaks down a lot. I prefer my Rally even though I've broken that a time or two.
  3. Well when I drive my 1 16 e-revo it always flips unless I am rely careful . But the small ones are quick and fast and fun. I want a 1 10 e-revo
    they look so cool. And I have a 1 10 emaxx it is pretty cool.
  4. Hey e-revo, I've never driven the 1/16 revo so I don't know the answer. I've only driven the 1/10 and larger.
  5. hi O.G whats the best motor for the traxxas 1 16 e-revo in your opine? thanks
  6. yes we got a little snow and I am in colorado it was fun:)
  7. Snow... already? Where do you live? I'm in missouri where we get lucky IF it snows once or twice a year.
  8. good, right now I am getting ready to run my merv in the snow.
  9. Hey how's it goin?
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