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  1. and the esc caused motor over heating
  2. the motor stress was caused by the incline of the spur
  3. 89-96 f it has reached here
  4. but now that my motor keeps overheating, i may not get a vid on.
  5. and my dad wants to record pics and vids of my slash (put vids on youtube) and put up custom ramps and a backyard track. and i might get something since im about to be 14. and my anual slash day is 10-17, the day i got my slash.
  6. i go to phils hobby shop for my slash needs
  7. go to your hobby shop, mine has alot of traxxas used rcs
  8. my slash is back up and running again :)
  9. my backyard is 1.5 acers long, and ther is dirt, and lots of more obstacles. and im looking on craigslist for nitro and electric used rcs.
  10. That would be cool. Used nitros are easy to find if you can take a little gamble on the motor. I like nitros a couple friends of mine have maxxes and a savage and a losi xxt. They don't live in the country like me so their neighbors get annoyed a bit at times lol. I'm ready for a bigger truck myself. Hoping sometime this summer to trade a few of mine or sell them and I'm either getting a brushless emaxx or a summit.
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