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  1. I use the .img link at the bottom of the it once and it will say copied and paste it I don't use the insert image thing just straight paste.What up this weekend
  2. I need your help, i keep trying to post pictures on the forum and its not working for me, i've red the tutorial on how to do it but its not working, i'm using photobucket. what i do is the i copy the blah blah and then paste it into the inset image eria, i erase the http thing and paste mine in and nothing works, i always have to put the link, what am i doin wrong?
  3. Well throw me a text this weekend and we can meet up, hopefully its not pouring out 250-589-9699

  4. sorry didn't see the message the new format is layed out weird but ya just about any weekend is good for me
  5. do you wanna meet up and drive the trucks?
  6. Hey

    If you want to meet up on saturday and drive the truck and make videos, let me know, i'm free all day
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