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  1. That would be cool. Used nitros are easy to find if you can take a little gamble on the motor. I like nitros a couple friends of mine have maxxes and a savage and a losi xxt. They don't live in the country like me so their neighbors get annoyed a bit at times lol. I'm ready for a bigger truck myself. Hoping sometime this summer to trade a few of mine or sell them and I'm either getting a brushless emaxx or a summit.
  2. the forums is actually called motor trouble. sorry for mistake.
    the weather is unpreditable since cold and hot days are ramdom. and my nitro may be a t-maxx2.5
  3. i run a slash, but in a recent forum, called motor problems, it is dormant. im trying to get a slash 4x4 or a t-maxx 2.5
  4. im just wondering, what rc do you run?
  5. now i have a forum called 'slash upgrades' to help me and my slash upgrade.
  6. Hey man I found it. Search the forum. Type "how to post pics". A guy AbSoLooT did a thread on it in the stampede section. The 3000 post thing is only for having a photo by your name. You can still put up pictures in a thread if you wanna show ppl something. I'm not too good with computers myself I do about everything on my phone lol. Good luck man
  7. hey man, im good. going to build a track for my slash, plus im making a group.
  8. hey there how's it going?
  9. How's it going?
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