American Innovation and Traxxas
Stampede Save Lives In Afghanistan

Many military men and women enjoy Traxxas vehicles as they serve our country in the Middle East, but for Staff Sgt. Christopher Fessenden, the Traxxas Stampede is more than just a distraction from the stresses of duty; it’s an important tool in helping keep his fellow soldiers safe. After receiving the Stampede in 2007 from Everything Hobby in Rochester, MN and outfitting it with a video camera, Staff Sgt. Fessenden first drafted his truck as an inspection device for vehicles entering United States bases. Instead of crawling beneath vehicles to look for explosives, the Stampede allowed Staff Sgt. Fessenden to inspect vehicles from a safe distance.

The Stampede also served as a scout, rolling ahead of troops on patrol, looking for roadside bombs. Last week, Staff Sgt. Fessenden loaned the truck to a group of fellow soldiers, and they credit the hard-working Stampede with saving their lives. The truck snagged an unseen trip wire, detonating what Staff Sgt. Fessenden estimates was 500 pounds or more of explosives. The Stampede was sacrificed, but the six soldiers operating it remotely from their Humvee were unhurt. 


Traxxas is very proud to have played a role in ensuring the safety of our brave men and women serving in the Middle East. For the full ABC News item, click here